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Scam E-Mail Page This pagontains links to actual scam e-mails sent by professional e-scammers. Please read them so you can recognize these and similar scams and prevent yourself from becoming their next victim. At some point during the scam you will be asked to send a sum of money to the scammer for some bogus purpose. You comply with the request so that you can eventually receive the big payoff they have tempted you with.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader it can be downloaded free of charge at or by clicking on the link below:

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Click here to view the US SOLDIER IN IRAQ Con E-Mail 


Click here to view the KID TRYING TO COLLECT INHERITANCE Con E-Mail 


Click here to view the MALAYSIAN ACCOUNTANT Con E-Mail


Click here to view the JOHANNESBURG BANKER Con E-Mail 


Click here to view LIBERIA GOVERNMENT Con E-Mail

Click here to view SUDAN FARMER WEALTHY REFUGEE Con E-Mail

Click here to view DECEASED MILLIONAIRE Con E-Mail

Click here to view INTERNET PURCHASE Con E-Mail

Click here to view a PHISHING Con E-Mail This is a term used when the identity thieves send out a very official looking E-mail to try and get you to provide them with your personal information. They will try to fool you into thinking your bank has sent the E-mail by placing the banks logo in the message. The E-mail will ask you to "verify" your personal information, i.e. your social security number or account number. Once the identity thieves have this information they may use it to apply for new credit in your name, or make a withdrawal from your account. Your bank already has this information and will never ask you to verify this information via E-mail. Be very aware of this type of scheme.

Click here to view another example of a PHISHING Scam

Alert for Financial Institution Employees - Another twist on the standard Phishing scam has been reported to us by the FBI. Someone pretending to be a newspaper reporter is using sophisticated social engineering techniques to target financial institution workers. Hundreds of employees at one firm received an e-mail addressed to them personally that requested an interview. The e-mail also provided what appeared to be a link to a related news story. The link brought those who clicked on it to a Web site in China that contained a keystroke logger, a device that captures a user's every keystroke. Keystroke loggers can be used to record everything users type at the keyboard including their user names and passwords. Make sure you do not respond to any e-mail that resembles the above scam, and always be careful when responding to e-mails from people you do not know.


Click here to view a FAKE DIPLOMA \ DEGREE Scam These type of scammers try to tempt you into buying a completely worthless piece of paper. They convince you that you can get your college degree based on "life experience" without ever studying or taking a single test. Some of these Fake Diploma scams may come to you via simple looking e-mails, others may have elaborate looking websites. Don't believe it.


Click here to view a typical PENNY STOCK Scam E-mail The scammers posing as stock brokers or inside traders send out hundreds of thousands of these e-mails trying to convince unsuspecting people to buy a cheap penny stock. They want people to buy the stock to drive the price up. This artificially higher stock price doesn't last long. The scammers know the right time to sell. The victims end up losing their investment.


Click here to view a typical GLOBAL LOTTERY Scam E-mail If you ever receive an e-mail telling you you're the big multi-million dollar winner for an International Lottery you never entered and all you need to do is pay the legal fees and taxes to collect the prize, don't fall for it. Your being scammed.


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