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This page contains links to various law enforcement alerts and bulletins on Fraud and Identity Theft.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. If you don't already have
Adobe Acrobat Reader it can be downloaded free of charge
at or by clicking on the link below:

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Click here to view E-Scams and Warnings from TITAN (The Intelligence & Terrorism Alert Network)


Click here to view Jury Scam Alert from the County of San Bernardino


Click here to view an alert on the Many Forms of 419 Scams 419 is the Nigerian penal code section for this type of scam. Many E-Scam artists operate from Nigeria and send scam e-mail messages at random to unsuspecting Americans. Be very aware of this type of scam.


Click here to view information on an over the Telephone Credit Card Scam


Click here to view an example of PHISHING This is a term used when the identity thieves send out a very official looking E-mail to try and get you to provide them with your personal information. They will try to fool you into thinking your bank has sent the E-mail by placing the banks logo in the message. The E-mail will ask you to "verify" your personal information, i.e. your social security number or account number. Once the identity thieves have this information they may use it to apply for new credit in your name, or make a withdrawal from your account. Your bank already has this information and will never ask you to verify this information via E-mail. Be very aware of this type of scheme.


Click here to view an AARP magazine article on Fortune Teller Scams

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