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Sheriff Leroy D. Baca
Sheriff Leroy D. Baca


The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is one of the largest providers of contract law enforcement services in the world. The use of intergovernmental contract services in Los Angeles County dates back to 1954 when the City of Lakewood and the Sheriff's Department entered into the very first agreement for one government entity to provide services to another independent government entity. Known as the "Lakewood Plan", it has become a model for incorporation that has been adopted by 30% of California's cities and dozens more throughout the nation. The concept of contracting has proven so successful that forty (40) of the eighty-eight (88) cities in Los Angeles County contract with the Sheriffs Department for their complete municipal law enforcement services.

Since 1954, all but one of the cities incorporated in Los Angeles County have adopted the Lakewood Plan, and eighty percent of all new cities incorporating in California also now adopt the Lakewood Plan. Intergovernmental contracting in Los Angeles County has expanded to include other areas of law enforcement services as well, including transit policing, school policing, court security, and custody services.

As a national leader in law enforcement, the Sheriff's Department provides a wide and comprehensive range of services that are unsurpassed. The Sheriff's Department is regularly called upon to provide training and assistance to law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles County, the nation, and the world. This expertise is available to each and every one of our contract clients on a daily basis.

On behalf of the professional men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, welcome to Contract Law Enforcement.


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