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Technical Services Division provides technical support services and management of the Department's communications, vehicle fleet, data and information systems, records, criminal justice databases, federal excess property acquisition, scientific services, investigations, crime analysis and criminal statistics reporting.

Technical Services Division has been in operation since its creation in mid-1997. The Division is comprised of the Communications and Fleet Management, Data Systems, Records and Identification, and Scientific Services Bureaus.

Technical Services Division members manage the Department's technical support operations and scientific investigations. The establishment of Technical Services Division has resulted in an enhanced focus on the importance of critical mission support functions.

The TSD Bureaus are as follows:

1) Communications & Fleet Mgmt Bureau - dispatch services to the patrol units, telecommunications,
and fleet procurement, testing and maintenance;
2) Data Systems Bureau - is responsible for the ongoing system management and operational support of Department- wide systems;
3) Records and Identification Bureau - records management, criminal and law enforcement service level statistics, crime analysis functions, and criminal / person identification services for the criminal justice community and the public;
4) Scientific Services Bureau - Criminalistics Laboratory and Evidence Services - a full-service crime lab that provides forensic evidence analysis and crime scene investigations for all Los Angeles County law enforcement agencies (except Los Angeles Police Department).

5) Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program - Created to better coordinate the many projects and initiatives that address the lack of crime data for investigative purposes, the numerous unconnected databases operated by the LASD and law enforcement in general, and the desire to effectively share crime information with our local, regional and federal law enforcement partners.

Chief David R. Betkey

Cmmdr. Earl Shields