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The Training Bureau consists of seven different programs which are designed to provide academy recruits and in-service personnel with the most up-to-date, innovative, creative and realistic learning experiences available to present day law enforcement. The featured programs are:


Recruit Training Unit

The Recruit Training Unit oversees all recruit training activities for candidates seeking employment as Deputy Sheriffs or Police Officers within the County of Los Angeles and surrounding communities. The Sheriff’s Academy offers an 18-week training curriculum at STARS Center in Whittier and at the College of the Canyons in Saugus. A third training academy site has been identified at the Antelope Valley College in Lancaster which is tentatively scheduled to open in July 2006. The primary purpose of opening the North county training academies was to increase recruitment efforts and to accommodate new recruits to receive invaluable training opportunities at locations closer to their homes and families.

Advanced Officer Training Unit

The Advanced Officer Training Unit coordinates and teaches over 50 advanced in-service courses which includes Patrol School, Sergeant’s Supervisory School, Field Operations Lieutenant/Sergeant Schools, POST I.C.I. Homicide and Child Abuse Schools, Gang School, and many other advanced courses.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Unit

The Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Detail currently provides Sheriff’s Department and participating police agencies two 16-hour training classes per week. The course offers information on weapons of mass destruction and terrorism awareness. In addition, the instruction provides practical application scenarios involving the operational aspects of handling and managing a weapon of mass destruction and/or large scale hazardous material event. Candid and interactive discussions pertaining to law enforcement’s response, responsibilities, and roles, provides an eye opening, thought provoking learning experience for all who attend.

Field Operations Training Unit

The Field Operations Training Unit is responsible for operating the 24-hour Continual Professional Training (CPT) course as well as providing Department recruits and in-service personnel with defensive tactics and force instruction. The personnel assigned to this unit also provides expert feedback to Department executives concerning significant force incidents.

Education-Based Discipline Unit

Education-Based Discipline (EBD) is an innovative alternative to traditional disciplinary suspensions. EBD reduces management-employee conflict and embitterment that results from withholding employees pay. Instead, offering optional behavior-focused education and training department-wide, enhances communication, character, competence and trust.

Weapons Training

The Weapons Training staff provides law enforcement students with firearms tactics and officer survival training utilizing a wide array of training tools and techniques. The training includes building searches, pullover and approach, and many other tactical methods to address current risk management issues. Classes include on-duty and off-duty pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and less lethal weapons systems. Training sites are offered at Biscailuz Center and at the Pitchess Detention Center. Seven mobile ranges, strategically located throughout the County, provide quick access for weapons qualification relays and new training scenarios for field personnel.

Funds have been approved to upgrade the Biscailuz pistol range. The future range will be an “All Purpose Range” that is at least 50 yards long to accommodate handgun/shotgun combat courses. It will also feature an area for future rifle training.

Tactics and Survival Training Unit (Laser Village)

The Laser Village staff provides training on shooting tactics and officer survival. Using a combination of computer simulators and simunitions, students are taught how to safely search buildings, use cover and concealment, and many other officer survival tactics. Students role play at Laser Village and can be involved in simulated confrontations with the staff who pose as suspects. These confrontations use real weapons that shoot “Simunitions”, which is a high-tech paint ball. This training is some of the most realistic training, deputies and police officers will ever face and prepares them for many tactical situations they may face while doing their jobs.

Emergency Vehicle Operations Center (EVOC)

The EVOC staff provides Department personnel and Sheriff’s Academy recruits with emergency driving training utilizing a variety of teaching methods and challenging driving courses. Recruits and in-service personnel are taught pursuit and emergency driving skills at a high speed track at the Fairplex in Pomona.

Professional Development Unit

The mission of the Professional Development Unit is to provide the highest quality training, professional development, educational opportunity and to uphold the highest ethical and Core Values of the Department.

The objective of the Professional Development Unit is to provide training that will assist in the development of each member of the Department to meet his or her maximum potential. The Unit will promote educational, leadership, and technical opportunities to assist all personnel throughout their career. The Professional Development Unit will ensure subjects taught by the Department will be thoroughly researched and continually revised to keep pace with changes in law and advancing technology. The Unit will also ensure instruction provided by the Department will reflect its Core Values and utilize the best teaching methodology available. Click Here to view the Professional Development Unit, which consists of the Civilian Training Unit, Department Training Records, Deputy Leadership Institute, LASD University, Leadership and Professional Development Coordinator Program, Operations Unit, Regional Community Policing Institute, Respect Based Leadership, Video Production Unit and Sheriff's Leadership Academy.

The philosophy of the Professional Development Unit is to provide a system of training that will meet the Department's needs for all personnel. The training process shall be humanitarian, ethical, and innovative in the pursuit of providing the Department with the highest quality of personnel.

The Professional Development Unit consists of the following:


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