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The LASD University is a consortium of colleges and universities whose mission is to provide Department employees with accessible, multi-varied learning programs that will:

  • Enhance personal and professional growth;
  • Promote a lifelong commitment to learning; and
  • Enable all Department employees to better serve their community.

LASD University Registration

Please Click Here to go to the LASD University Registration page.

To enroll through LASD University and be eligible for discounts, students must first create a user account with LASD University before registering with their school of choice. The purpose of this LASD University registration process is to enhance record keeping and communication efforts as well as establish authentication procedures. Once an LASD University account is established, students must update / register for each of their classes first with LASD University and then with their school of choice. The LASD University User registration account compliments their college or university registration, but does not take the place of specific college or university registration procedures.

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