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Capt Tracee R. Edmonds
Tracee R. Allen

Welcome to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Commercial Crimes Bureau . . .The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department's Commercial Crimes Bureau (CCB) is an investigative unit within the Detective Division which is tasked with the responsibility of investigating a wide range of complex "white collar" crimes. The types of cases this Bureau handles are those involving frauds of all types up to, but not limited to, identity theft, mortgage fraud, computer-related fraud, and a myriad of other schemes that perpetuate these thefts. These schemes include those such as the infamous Ponzi scheme, advanced fee scheme, the charity switch, lottery scam, planned insolvency, and many, many other frauds. In essence, any fraud where a suspect knowingly or intentionally conceals, misrepresents, and makes false statements to either deny or obtain monetary benefit, or otherwise illegally profit from the victim will be investigated. Additionally, the Bureau will investigate unusually complex elder fiduciary abuse cases and provide guidance to station detectives on elder fiduciary cases as needed. A key tool in CCB's investigative arsenal is the Detective Information Research Center (DIRC) research unit, which conducts nontraditional research of on-line computer databases and other investigative sources with the intent to provide investigative solutions to any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency. The reputation of the DIRC's success has transcended not only this Department and the County of Los Angeles, but throughout the nation. DIRC was recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACO), and presented with its highest honor for "an innovated program which contributes to and enhances county government in the United States."CCB consists of nine investigative teams, and is staffed by four lieutenants, 12 sergeants, 40 deputies, several volunteers, and a cadre of professional staff that aids in the processing of the investigative packets. Additionally, several of the teams were specifically designed in a task force configuration to help combat various frauds as these crimes traverse state and national boundaries. These teams are supplemented by local, state and federal investigators from such agencies as the U.S. Postal Inspector's Office, the Secret Service, the FBI, the District Attorney's Office, and many others. These teams are disbursed strategically throughout the county to ensure the best coverage possible for our constituents.Investigating fraudulent activity is just one element for which we are tasked; fraud prevention is the other. Being the victim of any fraud can have devastating results and can take years, if ever, to fully recover from. To assist in this endeavor, CCB has constructed an "Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Tips" awareness website within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department site, This site is designed to provide critical information for those who have already been victimized and those seeking knowledge on how to avoid becoming a victim of these ever increasing crimes. This site includes worthwhile and helpful definitions, as well as posters, brochures, and multimedia audio and videos presentations.The "overview" of the Commercial Crimes Bureau will provide you with a more detailed brief of each unit within the Bureau.