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29340 The Old Road
Castaic, CA 91384

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The custody and welfare of inmates is a major service provided to the citizens of Los Angeles County by the Sheriff's Department. As an innovative leader in jail operations, our Department designed and constructed the North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) to be cost efficient in terms of staff to inmate ratio and vocational productivity. NCCF is staffed on a ratio of 10 inmates to each staff member.

The North County Correctional Facility features three major vocational training programs in printing, sign production and clothing manufacturing. Each of these vocational systems provides a substantial cost offset in the operation of the facility.

Important services are provided to the inmates through educational, vocational and counseling programs which are designed to assist in making inmates self-sufficient within the law.

The North County Correctional Facility is a state-of-the-art jail facility, which has enhanced the efficiency of the criminal justice system and is serving the safety needs and concerns of the citizens of Los Angeles County.

NCCF is a unique jail, in many ways. This is largely due to the Sheriff's Department's strong involvement with the functional design from its inception. The result is an institution designed to meet the expanding specific Custody Services needs of the Sheriff's Department.

The architects for NCCF were appointed in 1983 with construction commencing in 1985. Jail grant funding for the design and construction was obtained through the joint provisions of Assembly Bill 3245, Propositions 2 and 16, and the County's General Obligation Bond Provisions under Proposition J. The facility was formally dedicated on March 1, 1990.

NCCF is a maximum security complex comprised of five jails within one facility. It is designed to operate as five separate units, housing 3800 inmates and provide for disciplinary segregation and clinic level medical treatment of inmates. NCCF is located on a 34 acre site occupying 681,422 square feet of floor space and is situated east of the existing Custody complexes on the Peter J. Pitchess Detention Center.

The facility accommodates an:

Administration Building (100)
Inmate Services Building (200)
Kitchen and Vocational Building (300)
Health and Intake Building (400)
Inmate Housing Buildings (500/600/700/800/900)