BEAR Program

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
has developed an innovative new program called
"BEAR" (Bicycle Education And Registration).

The goal of the program is to better educate citizens
(adults and children) on bicycle knowledge, safety,
laws, and security.

The program will benefit in bicycle theft recovery efforts. The program is a free service offered to citizens who wish to protect their personal property.


Interested persons need only to complete a "BEAR Registration Form" to start the process.  Once bike team members receive the completed form, an appointment will be made with the citizen, and a photograph of the bike, and secret makings will take place.  The citizen will then be issued a "Protected by BEAR" card that will include his/her data base entry number.  In the event that the citizens bike is ever stolen, the detailed information will be easily accessible at the station.

Additionally, deputy Personnel who conduct routine stops of cyclists, will be able to immediately recognize the secret "BEAR" markings, and with a phone call, identify the owner of a "BEAR" registered bike.

To get started: click here to download the registration form. Just fill out and mail to:

LASD - West Hollywood Station
780 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 

Protect your bike... register today!

The Bear Essentials
A four hour adult/teen bicycle safety class that offers lectures on basic bicycle education, safety, and rules of the road. The class is highlighted by a practical application segment that allows citizens to encounter exercises which are derived
from law enforcement curriculum.
  The Bear-Cub Class
This class is a two hour course that is offered once a week for a five week period.
This class is embraced by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Youth Activity League and is offered to all at risk youths. The program recycles confiscated
bicycles and teaches children basic repair and restoration, coupled with in depth
bicycle safety education. This program is highlighted with the child awarded a
free bicycle and helmet for his/her efforts.
For more information, please contact Dep. Yanecko or Dep. Kashani at: